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What requirements must our tenants meet to rent a home in Tenerife?

Employment contract


Last two payrolls

Last income tax return

2 Month deposit

Are you a retiree, or an entrepreneur? Ask us the requirements to fulfill

Frequent questions

These are the most common questions about the requirements to rent an apartment in Tenerife

What conditions must I meet to rent a home in Tenerife with Monvier?

The necessary conditions to rent one of our homes in Tenerife are:

– Employment contract

– 2 Latest payrolls

– Statement of income

If you are a retiree, or an businessman, contact us for more info

Do I have to pay a deposit when renting a house in Tenerife?

Yes. The deposit will be the equivalent of two month rent.

When will the deposit be returned to me?

The deposit will be returned within a maximum period of one month, once it has been verified that the house is in the same condition in which it was rented.

What is the method of payment for rent and supplies?

The payment of the rent will be domiciled in the bank account stipulated in the contract.

The supplies will be paid by bank transfer after receiving the copy of the invoices

Is it allowed to have dogs or cats in the rental house in Tenerife South?

Each case will be studied individually. Contact us for more info

Is smoking allowed inside the house?

No, smoking is not allowed inside our homes. Smoking is only allowed on the balcony of the house

How far in advance should I notify that I want to renew the contract?

Two months before the end of the contract, you can let us know

Is there fiber optic coverage in Tenerife?

Yes. Fiber optic coverage reaches most of our homes

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